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Our free WordPress theme melds speed, tone, and class. Yet, it is fresh and austere. This hook is ideal for your blog span.

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Free WordPress Theme Features
1. Ozotha is super fast online content.
2. It loads within few seconds only.
3. Fresh and clean content designed.
4. Easy to use interface for everyone.
5. The online content is seo friendly.
6. You can change the color and look.
7. Completely functional wordpress theme.
8. Google can easily index all your pages.
9. Premium quality functions for free.
10. You can download now and start your blog.

Fast and free wordpress theme

Ozotha is mainly created with css. There is no java script in the online content. Therefore, it loads super fast. Your visitors do not need to wait long while accessing your website and blog. It will help you to get rid of bounce rate in your webpage.

On the other hand, it is completely free to download. However, it has also several premium features available. These funds are for making your content more professional. It can be smoothly indexed by Google. Therefore, you will definitely get higher rank in google with Ozotha free wordpress theme.