WordPress SEO This Year

WordPress seo is very important to rank your website on the first page of Google. I will teach you the ways to do that effectively this year.

This is a step by step guide for every wordpress website owner. It will lead you just before the first page of Google.

Optimize WordPress SEO Content

Page speed optimization is vital for your website. Hence, you have to choose fast and free wordpress theme for blog. Besides, if it takes long time to load, then you will lose visitors.

Optimize the title tag and description tag of your blog. When you search on Google, you will see title, description and link. Your blog content title has to be understandable and to the point.

Next thing is permalink customization for wordpress seo. It has to be like website.com/subject. Do not forget to turn on breadcrumbs. It will make your site effortless to navigate your pages.

Please optimize the images of your content. Then consider using internal links in your posts for wordpress seo. Finally, include and configure canonical tags to get rid of duplicate content.

Use ‘last update’ text in your posts. Since, it will let your audiences know that the content is fresh. Also, it will let Google know about the efficient page. Please revise your content regularly.

Next is robots.txt and sitemap.xml. You have to optimize robots.txt and sitemap.xml for wordpress seo. I suggest you to include your sitemap in robots.txt file resembling ‘sitemap: website.com/sitemap.xml’.

Please understand the seo checklist for comprehensive wordpress seo principle.

Fresh content is the king

Your substance has to be clearly on point. Do not write anything pointless to enhance content length. Moreover, it must have designate interesting to read. That is how you will be able to engage your audience.

Write your keywords in your post. The best practice for that is to write natural articles.

For example, if you write about wordpress seo, you will write about on-page, off-page and technical seo. Your keywords will be on your content like this. Specifically, you may write to the point to engage audience.

You will stay out of drop out in this way. On the other hand, if you stay out of drop out, then you will rank high in Google for sure.

But if your online content is not interesting, then visitors will not stay in your page. As a result, you will see unnecessary drop outs and your rank will fall.

Content is the king of both website and blog. Same rule also goes for wordpress seo. It has lots of tools to suggest you on writing seo-friendly content.

Also, you must have sufficient information about the topic you are writing. Organizing your content in h2 and h3 headings are the best practices.

Apply EEAT in your article

EEAT stands for experience, expertise, authoritativeness and trust. If you can apply them for your article, then it will definitely rank higher on Google.

It is very important part of wordpress seo to rank your website higher on Google. Now, I will discuss the EEAT in fine points to make you understand.

Fist, you must have sufficient experience in the topic you are writing about. It will allow you to write your article comprehensively.

Nowadays, it is a must to write comprehensive article in order to rank higher. If you can write the necessary parts, then you will definitely rank.

Next is expertise after experience. You have to show expertise in your article content. The idea is to conduct expertise areas in your article content.

Your readers will get benefit from this specific section. For example, you know how to show different ways to achieve result for your article topic.

Content authoritativeness is very important for wordpress seo. Your website has to be well established in order to achieve authority.

In other words, you have to be mentioned as an expert of your field. The best practice is to write several articles in similar sub topics of your main topic.

Finally, trust is the last but not least thing in this list. It is the most important part of your article to get higher rank on Google.

In other words, if your article is trusted by users of the web, then you will get rank boost in Google search engine.


I have conducted the vital ranking factors of wordpress seo in this article. First one is content optimization and second one is website structure optimization.

Moreover, I have discussed all the most important strategies. Following the guide in this article will surely rank your website blog content higher on Google.